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How to tie Necktie knots in Best Way?


Wearing of fit and exact suit tells about everything about the personality of any person. The decent wearing of the suit has acquired mammoth importance nowadays. If you cannot wear your suit in the decent and appropriate way, then you cannot make your personality attractive and dashing. If you want to build the good image of your personality, then wear the suit in the appropriate way.it should have the exact fitting. There should be no losing fitting and low-quality suit. Without wearing the fitted suit on your body, you cannot build your stature and personality in a good way. Owing to its huge significance, the dressing has acquired the status of Science at present. How your pant should be stitched. What combination of colors should be used in shirts and pants? Which colors of shoes and belt should be worn with the selected suit? Same is the case with neckties.

how to tie necktie in the best way

Wearing of the necktie in the proper and exact way is the most important aspect of the suit. If your suit, shoes and belt combinations are okay, but knotting of the necktie is not okay, then you would look clumsy and absurd. Your personality stature would not be attractive. Instead, it will cast a negative image for your personality. Therefore, wearing the necktie is in the appropriate way is very important. There are different ways of wearing the necktie in different ways which are explained in the following ways.


1. Eldredge Knotting


If you are tired of wearing conventional necktie knots and want to try some different and dashing style of knotting style, then Eldredge knotting gives you different and distinctive style. The great thing about this tie knot is that it can be tied with any regular sized-tie and is suitable for most settings. This is a difficult knot to tie correctly, not only because it has many moves but also because it is so difficult to adjust if any mistake is done. This knot consumes a lot of fabric since it contains so many moves.

Eldredge knotting

It might be impossible for taller or larger people to successfully tie it and have the tie still and reach the belt line. The Eldridge knot is complex; if you tie it with a striped tie the stripes end up shooting in seemingly random directions and make it look somewhat disorganized.


2. The Trinity Knot


Everyone favorite knot is the Trinity. It also has some holy-trinity connotation. The knot is triangular and has 3-way symmetry. I can confidently say that it is the best looking knot. Tying this knot demonstrates a mastery of knot-craft. This knot is much easier than the Eldredge. Less fabric is needed in the tie, and so, more is left over for adjusting. The moves themselves are pretty simple, and once learned, this tie can be performed very fast.

Trinity knot

The Trinity has 3-way symmetry and it's shaping resembles a hexagon. It also has a center point where the pattern converges creating a vortex look.  


3. Cape Necktie Knot


It is a simply skinny-end knot with only 5 moves. Skinny-end knots are easy because the big end is adjusted at the start making it easy to get the length right. The only quirk is having enough little end to go through the loop, you will end up using the considerable amount of fabric with this knot, but the knot is pretty small so the consumption should be manageable for the larger people. 

Whichever type of necktie knot you use, the beautiful ties should be packed in attractive and decent necktie boxes to keep these ties save from dust and dirt.